Dared Audio was founded in 1995. It's Mission: To design and manufacture the best and most widely affordable yet technologically advanced High-End, High Fidelity audio equipment. Our product line includes: Vacuum tube amplifiers, Guitar amplifiers, as well as Multimedia speaker systems. DARED is the registered trademark of our Company and is universally recognized for its achievements in the design of innovative as well as affordable audio products. We constantly create new innovations that are pleasing to the eye and for the ear to hear the "Purity of Sound". Working with innovative DSP processing design houses that are close by,we were the first to introduce in circa 2004 the connectivity via USB of our products to computing devices: an industry first for a value amplification system. Just one of our many innovations.
Dr.Harley, our Chief Sound Engineer and head of our Design and Innovation Department and a passionate Audiophile himself, he is universally recognized as an innovator in valve as well as hybrid amplification design. He,his vision,his passion, leads our technical staff, QC engineers, and systems testers. All staff are highly skilled in the field of audio technology and are audiophiles themselves.
Our products are represented and sold by a select group of caring High Fidelity Dealers who are like us, Passionate about audio. They are ready to assist and help audiophiles to make the best out of their sound investment. With our stringent quality controls, artistic designs, advanced manufacturing technology and unique electronice circuitry, our Products are well sough after and have attained rave reviews from audiophiles worldwide and have kept their value. Our amplifiers are designed based on simplicity using unique audio techniques which are crafted to bring unique and pleasing aesthetics with functionality in line with listening pleasure. The Ultimate Sound Experience!
We have a complete product line that meets the needs and budget of any Audiopile around the world. Even our lower cost systems are not compromised: they bring the enjoyment of music without compromising the sound quality and user experience. Each amplifier is designed, built and then adjusted for best performance in terms of sound quality. We test every amplifier by using our state-of-the-art test equipment. Every amplifier undergoes a burn-in, aging process, for many hours and then is listened-to by human ears before packaging and shipment worldwide.
D - Dignified
A - Artistic
R - Reliable
E - Elegant
D - Decent